Sustainable tourism

We are working as a company which gives importance to the value and authenticity of our Island. Our goal is to act in a responsible way by reducing hazardous impact for the country and its living elements, as well as engaging our effort to arrange trips in a manner that could make local activities progress as well as preserving the natural wealth of the Island.


Reforestation in the eastern part of the Island: We devote a great attention to the fact that deforestation is a threat for several parts of Madagascar.  Working with local organizations is now an opportunity not just for the environment, but for our guests to leave their footprint by contributing to a responsible initiative. Five tree nurseries are dedicated to each guest to plant. This helps obtain a kind of forest corridor as well as combining different species to strengthen genes for more resilient trees. Furthermore, it helps sustain the land and compensate bush fire and slash and burn practice. In that present case, the cooperation between an Association in Andasibe called “Mitsinjo” and Malagasya Travel has been undertaken for years and carries on until this present moment.

Sustainable hotel cooperation: In one hand, working with hotels which meet the standards is a great initiative. But on the other hand, extending more collaboration with those which are recognized as sustainable is crucial. Those which are supporting local benefits such as including local people’s activities in their touristic program or those which are giving importance to the preservation of biodiversity on-spot as well as purchasing foods in the locality for the bio concept as “Souimanga Hotel” in Antsirabe for instance or another one in the south part of the country “Le Paradisier” which has preserved a fauna and flora area where endemic species are found and protected. Other hotels are assisting organizations for the protection of some sensitive and preserved areas.

Betafo and its sustainable goals: Apart from hotels, guest houses are also in close cooperation with sustainable tourism such as one of them  “Maison Ravaka” located in Betafo 22KM from Antsirabe town. In addition to accommodation, the real objective is to attract tourists contributing  to adjusted trekking which consists in following on-spot circuits where culture, nature knowledge and discovery of local way of living are shared so as to keep money safe for the locality which goes to the governmental entity on-spot called the “Fokontany” and will use it to improve locality conditions in return.

Donations and supply: We are supporting non-profitable organizations and associations such as « interplast-Germany help », which provides free plastic surgery to patients who cannot afford medical treatments in developing countries and “ärzte für Madagaskar” or “Doctors for Madagascar”, another organization in Manambaro-Ford Dauphin which helps people who cannot afford medical care by providing free surgical operation as well each year, keeping an emergency fund to cover medical expenses… In order to support those Organizations, we provide free German-speaking guide services for translation on-spot, free services by organizing domestic flight bookings, looking for sponsorship to promote their activities, and mainly selling postal cards and stamps to our guests during their tour in order to provide water to the operated people.

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