Discovery tour





Discovery tour

Day 1Arrival in Antananarivo

After your arrival at the airport in the pulsating capital Antananarivo you will be met and accompanied to your hotel by your English speaking guide. (A)

Day 2Travel to Miandrivazo

Rice terraces, as well as savannah scenery, typical houses and every day scenes of the Merina and Sakalava tribes, are all part of the motifs during today’s cultural excursion to Miandrivazo. During the trip to the west it gets noticeably warmer. (F, A)

Day 3-4Beginning of the river cruise

In the morning your two-hour ride leads you via tarred roads as well as sand roads to the piers where your two-day river journey on the River Tsiribihina starts. During our stop in Begidro you will encounter the popular lemur species. Keep your camera handy to take some pictures of these unique animals for your memories. 

Not only lemurs will cross your way, but keep your eyes open for different bird species, such as cormorants and sea eagles. You also take a walk through a small local village where you can still see the traces of the former tobacco trade. Another attraction along the river is a nicely situated waterfall with a small natural pool that invites you to go for a swim. (F, A)

Day 5:End of the river cruise

Today you say Goodbye to this idyllic river scenery and arrive at Belo, the final stop. You take a little walk through an atmospheric little town where you can taste culinary delicacies at a local market. (F, A)

Day 6:Bekopaka

Passing the savannah scenery and the small typical Sakalava villages, today’s sand road leads to Bekopaka. You have the possibility to finish the day with a night walk where you can see nocturnal mouse lemurs. (F, A)

Day 7-8: Hiking in the Tsingys

The first day you hike a short way to the small Tsingys to get adapted to the difference in altitude and to the stony paths. Tsingys are limestones extending so far that together, they constitute mountains. The next day you drive to the big Tsingys that are 17 km away from your hotel. The hiking takes about 3 to 4 hours and is more exhausting than the day before. The view at the end of the hiking, however, is really worthwhile. The big Tsingys were defined by the UNSECO as a natural world heritage site in 1990. (F, A)

Day 9:The Avenue of the Baobabs

Today you will drive from Bekopaka to Morondava. Late afternoon, after a side trip to the amorous baobab, you stop at the famous Avenue of the Baobabs. At this location, the sunset offers not only very beautiful photo motifs, but also a beautiful colour spectacle. Enjoy the atmosphere under the Madagascan heaven. (F, A)

Day 10: Flight to Toliary

In the morning you fly from Morondava to Toliary where your guide waits for you and accompanies you to your hotel. The next day, the eventful south trip starts from here. (F, A)

Day 11: Trip to Ranohira

The funerary monuments, specifically the wall paintings and grave steles, of the people in the South, the Antandroy and Mahafaly tribes, cannot be missed on this leg of the trip. Before you visit the local markets along the way, you pass through the gate of the South. You will immediately notice the difference because the landscape as well as the inhabitants begin to change. (F, A)

Day 12: Isalo mountains

Today is dedicated to a very impressive hike through the sandstone formations of the Isalo mountains. The mountain scenery of rugged gorges and eroded rocks shimmering in every shade of colour is sure to fascinate you. At the end of the hike you can look forward to a refreshing swim in a natural mountain spring swimming pool. (F, A)

Day 13:Ambalavao – Anja Park – Ranomafana

Ambalavao is known not only for its silk production, which you will see while you are there, but also for its paper factory that dates back to Arabian merchants. Before driving to Ranomafana you will hike for about an hour in the village park Anja. In this small pristine park, the focus lies on a mixture of culture, landscape and ring-tailed lemurs. (F, A)

Day 14: Ranomafana National Park

The German primatologist Bernhard Meier contributed to the development of the ecotourism in the national park of Ranomafana in 1986, thanks to his discovery of a new bamboo lemur species, the golden bamboo lemur. The hike through the rain forest will fascinate you. (F, A)

Day 15:Antsirabe

Today you will visit different artisans in Antsirabe. First, you can experience the production of miniature vehicles from tin cans. Then you find out what can be produced with zebu horns and at the end of the day you also visit a gemstone factory where rubies and sapphires are polished. (F, A)

Day 16: Trip to Antananarivo

Before you drive back to your starting point in Antananarivo you visit an aluminium foundry in Ambatolampy. The pots are made from aluminium for the whole country.

(F, A)

Day 17-20: Sainte Marie

Today you fly from Antananarivo to Sainte Marie. You can look forward to untouched sand beaches and a turquoise sea. Ease your soul and review the wonderful journey. (F, A)

Day 21:Flight home

Today you have to say Goodbye to the breathtaking island and you fly back home. (F)

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