North Point




The North Point

Day 1 Arrival in Antananarivo

After your arrival at the airport in the pulsating capital you will be met and accompanied to your hotel by your English speaking guide. You are free to spend the rest of the day as you please. (A)

Day 2 Flight to Morondava

After your arrival in Morondava you drive to Kirindy. You can look forward to a Swiss development project for the sustainable use and protection of the forests in Kirindy. In addition to several lemur species, such as white sifikas and forked-marked lemurs, there are two mammal species that are especially interesting: the fossa cat, better known as fossa, Madagascar’s biggest predator, and the Malagasy giant rat. (F, A)

Day 3 Avenue of the Baobab – Morondava

Your day starts with a hike through the dry forest where you see endemic bird and other species. At midday you drive to the “amorous baobabs”. They are named this way because their trunks are interwoven. You end the day on the famous Avenue of the Baobabs. There you can enjoy the sunset which offers a breathtaking view and excellent photo scenes together with the Avenue of the Baobabs. (F, A)

Day 4 Stay in Morondava

Today you make a trip on a pirogue, a typical wooden boat in Madagascar. You roam the mangrove forest and listen to the typical animal sounds and are enchanted by the unique natural setting. At midday you take a city walk in Morondava and visit the local market. (F, A)

Day 5 Morondava – Tana

You fly back to Antananarivo. There is the option to take a walk in the lemur park which is found 22 km outside the city. (F, A)

Day 6 Flight to Antsiranana

After your arrival in Antsiranana you take a sightseeing trip in the city, influenced by colonialism. You also drive to Madagascar’s biggest bay and visit the local market. Then you drive to the endemic baobabs in the bay of Ramena. This location is well-know for its excellent beach. (F, A)

Day 7: Hiking through the Amber Mountain National Park

Today you will visit the Amber Mountain National Park where several lemur species live and you can find an extremely varied flora. The hike also leads you along some waterfalls, metre-high tree ferns, Indian bean trees, orchids and wild-growing pepper. (F, A)

Day 8 : The red Tsingys

Today’s programme is a safari to the red Tsingys. Unlike the Tsingys of Ankarana, they are not of limestone, but rather they are lateritic layers of earth caused by water and wind erosion. (F, A)

Day 9: Hiking through the Ankarana National Park

The Ankarana National Park is a phenomenal limestone landscape well worth seeing. The hike through the national park takes between 2 and 5 hours. The key sights include the baobabs, underground rivers, a grotto and a beautiful panoramic view of the Tsingys. Then you continue your trip to Ankify. On the way, you visit spice plantations where cacao, vanilla and pepper grow in this tropical region of Madagascar. (F, A)

Day 10: Nosy Komba – Nosy Tanikely – Nosy Be

Today you are experiencing Madagascar’s island paradise. First, you drive to the Nosy Komba island to get an overview of the island. Go for a walk and see the black lemurs while you are here. The trip then takes you from Nosy Komba to the Nosy Tanikely island for snorkelling. Enjoy the wonderful submarine world. At midday we leave Nosy Tanikely and drive to Nosy Be. (F, A)

Day 11 and Day 12: Stay in Nosy Be

You are free to spend the next two days as you please. Enjoy the comforts of the hotels as well as the paradise-like atmosphere. Nosy Be not only offers great sand beaches and turquoise seas, but also has a lot of bars and restaurants where you can stroll along in the evenings. (F, A)

Day 13:Return flight to Tana

Today you fly back from Nosy Be to Tana where you are guided to the hotel. You are free to spend the rest of the day as you please. (F, A)

Day 14:Flight home

Today you have to say Goodbye to the wonderful Madagascar. With a lot of new impressions and experiences you fly back home. (F)

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