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Spice Tours

Jour 1Arrival in Antananarivo

After your arrival at the airport in the capital of Madagascar you will be met and accompanied to your hotel by your English speaking guide. You are free to spend the rest of the day as you please. (A)

Jour 2 Flight to Sambava

Early in the morning you are picked up and taken to the airport of Antananarivo, then you fly to Sambava. You are free to spend the rest of the day as you please. (F, A)

Jour 3Sambava

During the morning you will see the city Sambava and the surrounding area. The city was founded by a French lieutenant, named Gillet, at the mouth of the River Sambava. Afterwards, you enjoy a picnic at the lake of Antomaro. You are free to spend the afternoon as you please. (F, A)

Jour 4 Cloves, vanilla and cinnamon

Today you drive to Antalaha and enjoy the varied landscape during the trip. Antalaha had been a small village like any other before the introduction of the vanilla cultivation. Its time of economical prosperity was due to the exportation of vanilla. On the way, we visit the plantations of Farahalana, Masovaraka and Ambohitrara where we see vanilla, cacao, pepper and other spices. (F, A)

Jour 5Pepper, vanilla and cacao

Today, we drive via Sambava to Andapa. The villages Ambarimiabana and Nosiarina are our first destinations today. Here you can learn how the spices, vanilla, cacao and pepper are planted, cultivated and harvested. During the afternoon we visit the vanilla plantation of Manantenina in Andapa. (F, A)

Jour 6 Pepper, chilli and ginger

During this day trip we visit the following plantations : Anjiahely and Anjiabe. (F, A)

Day 7: Visit to the biggest coconut plantation of the Indian Ocean

Trip to Sambava. On the way, visit to the coconut plantation of Soavoanio. In the afternoon, the programme is to visit a vanilla plantation near Sambava. (F, A)

Day 8:Relax and recover

Today we drive to the hotel Orchidea Beach. The hotel is directly on the seaside and invites you to relax and enjoy. Use the day to review the journey. (F, A)

Day 9:Flight to Antananarivo and flight home

Today you fly back to your starting point in Antananarivo where you say goodbye to the island in the Indian Ocean and start your flight back home . (F)

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