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We are a travel organiser located in Antananarivo, specialized in incoming tourism to Madagascar.

Our experiences regarding « Travelling in Madagascar » include organizing and leading different tours through the country.

When traveling with us, you will be accompanied by native travel guides who speak English fluently. They will ensure the smooth operation of the tours. On the way, they will provide you with everything worth knowing about Madagascar. We offer: Unique Madagascar in English, client-oriented philosophy, knowledgeable travel guides, lemurs, birds and whales watching, hiking through national parks, individual round trips.

If you have any further questions or need to know additional details, don’t hesitate to contact us! We are looking forward to welcome you as our guest in Madagascar!

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Our team

Nary ANDRIARIMALALA – Managing Director

After two years of biology and four years of German studies at the University of Antananarivo, I moved to Germany in the year 2000. During my stay at the University of Bielefeld within the framework of a DAAD scholarship, I have been working on my Master’s thesis about German light fiction with Professor Joerg Drews. My multiple stays in Europe and my international circle of friends have helped me to understand the European way of life and culture. Among all regions and parts of Madagascar, the place I prefer the most is the Androy region since it is a fairly isolated place with few inhabitants, almost no infrastructure or even just a church. One of the things that really touched me during the time I spent there was the fact that despite the misery and poverty these people have  never forgot the meaning of community life and also the joy of living. In short, joy, peace and harmony reign in this region of Madagascar.

Onja Lalaina Razanajaona RABEARINIRINA – Head of Finance Department

My name is Onja Lalaina Razanajaona Rabearinirina. I am married and father of two beautiful girls. We all live in Ampasapito Antananarivo and I work as an accountant in Malagasya Travel Agency. I got my High Technical Diploma in a Technical Studies Institute in Isoraka and spent 02 academic years at the University of Antananarivo in the Faculty of Management and Economics. If I am asked about my favorite place in Madagascar, I would recommend Sainte Marie, in the north east of the Island. I would really want to have the opportunity to discover this special place as its wonderful biodiversity is still untouched and authentic.

Voary Cathia RANAIVOMANANA – Head of German Department

I am Voary Cathia Ranaivomanana and I live in Antananarivo.
During my academic years, I got the B2 Certificate in German language in Goethe Institute Antananarivo “B2 Zertifikat-Deutsch”. Then I obtained my Master’s degree in Art and German Language in 2014. I have also spent one semester at the University of Passau Germany. To me, Ambatomilo is among the best destinations in Madagascar. Ambatomilo is a real paradise, an emerald-colored lagoon with fine sands. Ambatomilo is still a hardly place anyone ever goes; however, it’s part of its charm.

Sandy Laurence CASIMIR – Head of French Department

My name is Sandy Laurence Casimir, and I am from Antananarivo. I have completed my whole secondary school days in Saint Antoine High School where I obtained my high school diploma Baccalaureate A2 pass with distinction in 2013. I have completed my University Academic studies in INTH “NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF TOURISM AND HOSPITALITY MANAGEMENT” for 02 years. Andravona where Mikea Lodge is one of the best destinations I love the most in Madagascar. This is due to its wonderful beaches with turquoise color and is the most amazing lagoon in the world. The place is also remote which means away from routine and all problems.

Tanjoniaina RAMANANJATOVO – Head of English Department

My name is Tanjoniana  Ramananjatovo, born and raised in Antananarivo. 
Since my very young age, learning English is my passion. For several years in secondary school, I have chosen English for all public exams and after getting my high school diploma; I majored in English language at the University of Antananarivo. My first year began in 2014 and during the third year, I specialized in E.S.P (English for Specific Purposes) and got my bachelor’s degree in 2017. Once my bachelor’s degree obtained, I applied within Malagasya Travel agency and was hired as an Anglophone agent since May 2017 till now.  Among all regions and parts of Madagascar, I rather like Nosy Be for its landscapes and beaches which could really be compared to paradise.  Clean and colorful settings; these are parts of what really makes holidays unique.

Rotsinavalona MAMELASOA – Booking 

My name is Rotsinavalona Mamelasoa, and live in Antananarivo. I have spent many years working in big hotels in Madagascar getting experience through it. My favorite place in Madagascar is Andavadaoka which is located in the south west of Madagascar bordering the Canal of Mozambique. Along the way, you could have an awesome view of the landscape of spiny bushes where dwarf baobabs are kings. Getting to Andavadaoka, a beach with fine sands, a blue lagoon is waiting for you. To me, it is the perfect place to relax and to leave the daily routine.

Nekena Narindra ANDRIAMIHARIMANANA – Travel Expert

My name is ANDRIAMIHARIMANA Narindra Nekeniavo. I studied for three years in the German Studies Department and three years in Private Law at CNTEMAD (National Centre for Tele-Education in Madagascar). After my university career, I oriented myself in the field of tourism, following an internship within MALAGASYA TRAVEL. Southern Madagascar is one of the most interesting destinations on the island. From region to region, the landscape is becoming more and more diversified, each with its own particularity. That’s how I was dazzled by Isalo’s unique natural charm. With its fascinating landscape, its limestone rocks drawn by the climate and the weather, Isalo offers a unique landscape to the world. Far from the world, in an incredible setting, Isalo is one of the most visited destinations in Madagascar.

Rovasoa Harinirina RAKOTOSON ​ – Travel Expert

My name is RAKOTOSON Harinirina Rovasoa. After 3 years of studies in the German Studies Department at the University of Antananarivo, I have just graduated in German Studies and Literature this year 2018. Personally, among the other places in Madagascar, Andravona is for me a unique place. Its warm and calm character, far from the noise and crowds as well as the stress of the capital, makes it a perfect place for relaxation. We cannot resist the beauty of its turquoise sea and its beach with fine sands. Andravona is also the only place in Madagascar where you can meet Mikea people, living in the famous Mikea forest and having their own way of life.

Riantsoa RAHARINORO  – Travel Expert

My name is Riantsoa RAHARINORO. I studied Tourism for 3 years at INTH (National Institute of Tourism and Hospitality Management), and I obtained my professional degree in sustainable tourism during the year 2018. Passionate about Sharing, I chose Antoetra as my favorite place. Thanks to the atypical architectural style of its villages, its crafts and especially to the particularity of the ZAFIMANIRY culture. My goal is to make Madagascar known on its Cultural aspect, and to share each culture of each ethnic group disconnected me a little from the natural world and the beach.

Volahantana Perle RAKOTOMALALA  – Travel Expert

My name is RAKOTOMALALA Volahanta Perle. I studied in the Tourism fields at INTH (National Institute of Tourism and Hospitality Management). I have just obtained my Bachelor’s degree in Tourism Entrepreneurship. Among the places I have already visited in Madagascar, the one I prefer the most is the dream place “Akanin’ny Nofy “  thanks to the calm that reigns in the site and nature. This natural setting reveals all the beauty of the Malagasy fauna and flora on about fifty hectares. It shelters various endemic lemur species, including the famous Maki, a symbol of the island, the Aye-Aye, the Sifaka and the Indri Indri, the biggest lemur in the world.

Aryel RAJAONAH – Travel Agent

My name is Aryel RAJAONAH.
While working as an intern at Malagasya Travel, I spend some time taking e-courses in business communication at CNTEMAD (Madagascar’s leading e-learning center). If everything goes well, I will get my Bachelor’s degree this year. I do enjoy working here at Malagasya Travel. And I would like to continue this adventure after completing my internship.Nosy Be Hell-Ville is for me the perfect destination to choose thanks to its marvelous beaches and breathtaking landscape.

Veromialy MAHONINTSOA-Travel Agent

I am MAHONINTSOA Veromialy, I was born and raised in Antananarivo. To build on this passion, I majored in Spanish at the University of Antananarivo. I started my first year of degree in 2015 and in the third year I majored in Applied Spanish Language and graduated in 2018. In parallel, I took several training courses in tourism and guidance technique. If you ask me what is my favorite place in Madagascar, I would say the southern part but especially the Makay massif. A maze of canyons that is part of one of the most unexplored areas and one of the last earthly paradises on the planet. As I mentioned earlier, I love adventure and hiking, so Makay seems the perfect place.

Tour guides

We are an incoming travel organiser for Madagascar located in Antananarivo.

Thanks to our local tour guides, you will obtain all the information regarding Madagascar.  The services that our tour guides can provide are of primary importance. According to our policy, twice a year, our tour guides are provided with training on fauna and flora as well as monitoring from experts who teach in renowned Universities. We invest as much as possible in the development of tour guides because we know that they hold the most important role during the journey.

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